Thanks for all your lovely feedback – and for taking me back in your hearts!!!!

After some hectic month in my studio in Copenhagen – I finally found some time
to create a new artist-website for myself.
During the last months I’ve released a new series of albums “FIELDS OF NOISE”.
A kind of “back to the roots – but taking all new possibilities into account” !
Though I’ve released a lot of albums up till now
[with all my other acts and a couple of soundtracks] – “Fields of Noise” is the first solo-albums in own name
since back in the 90’s.
“Fields of Noise # 1 – 3” is already released [a lot more to come] – and I am totally overwhelmed by the feedback
from all of you!!!! Wow!!! Thanks!!!

When I created my side-acts: Electric Enemy, Electribute & RO back in the days – I thought that it would be my main projects over time,
and that I should use my own name in projects for theatre, ballet & film. And so I did for many years – until some fans asked me, if I had stopped releasing albums? There were some rumors on the internet, that I didn’t do music anymore? No-one really connected my name to my side-acts? Although Electric Enemy, Electribute & RO is very much alive – and absolutely lives a good live, whit many sold albums and gigs.
I realized that it was time for change!
I started up with “FIELDS OF NOISE” in January 2017 and now – 6 month later – I’ve just released my 3’rd EP this year!
“Fields of Noise #1”Applemusic   Spotify
“Fields of Noise #2”: AppleMusic.   Spotify
“Fields of Noise #3”Applemusic   Spotify

More albums in this series will come later this year! And hopefully a vinyl-release of all the tracks by the end of 2017:)

Thanks again for all your lovely feedback – and for taking me back in your hearts!!!!
Warm regards

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