Today is the opening night for our ConcertTheatrePlay  “I D A”!

The actors/singers/dancers, the band, and the crew is ready and focused for tonight.

We have all been working hard, almost 7 weeks for this evening! 

I began my actual work with “IDA” last October, where we had the first draft of the story and the lyrics from Claus (Flygare). And we had many “turns” to get the story right.

Before that we had many months of work with the underlying ideas and the basic story.

I have walked many paths in my work with the music and the songs. It has always been an important element in my work that the underscore should lift the drama and the songs should melt into the content.

I am proud of my work. And think that I succeed composing a coherent and emotionally score.

All my fingers are crossed for tonights show:)


On-stage: Anne Karina Nikolajsen, Olivia Franciska Fevel Borgels, Thomas Guldberg Madsen, Heine Ankerdal, Klaus Andersen, Bo Larsen, Jesper Thestrup, Ole Højer Hansen.

Light- and sounddesign: Jesper Thestrup & Mik Manley Andersson

Setdesign: Carsten Wittrock

Costumedesign: Malene Redder Ruby

The play is directed by Anders Lundorph and choreographed by Sofie Christiansen.

The story is based on H.C. Andersen’s “ The Snowqueen” in a wonderfull, new-written script by Claus Flygare.

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