My 1988 album “NUDITY” Remastered
will be out 24.11.2017 – on all digital platforms worldwide

When NUDITY was released in 1988 by the british musiclabel Ultima Thule, it was a giant step up for me, being a part of the – fairly small – community of electronic musicians in Europe.
The story began back in early 1988, where I got a letter from Alan Freeman [from the Leicester based label Ultima Thule]. He had found my first album – Transmission [released in 1985 by Sam Records, DK] – in a secondhand shop in London, and wanted to distribute it in the UK. He furthermore asked me if I would like to do a new album for their label. Sure I would!!! A that time it was absolutely not an easy game to have an album released. And it was like kind of crazy to release one in UK:)

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