Looking forward to share new tracks and projects with you i 2021🥳

Thanks for your huge backup in 2020❤️

2020 has been a challanging year in many ways.
The virus made the world collaps, and we were forced to rethink how to live and work.

2020 started with great expectations.
In january I released my new album LUX.
In february I did the fist concert in a couple of years. I performed LUX live at Krudttønden, Copenhagen in a concert, that was supposed to be one of many.
One week later Europe was closed by Covid😳

Hopefully I’ll be back on stages in 2021🤞

2020 was also the year, where I composed the score and conducted the musical play IDA, where I composed the score for the play Don Quixote, where I composed the score for the children play Kan du fløjte, Johanne?, restaged my play Sally’s Valley and remastered my first album TRANSMISSION from 1985.

Covid or not! We are still here, folks!



#norregaardsteater #dubtrackmusic #olehojerhansen #nanaswartzlose #estherwrobel #krudttonden #clausflygare


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