DUBLAND STUDIO is my private countryside recording facillity, resided on an island in the southern denmark.
3 hours drive from Copenhagen and far away from everything, but inspiration:)
The studio is build in an old stable from 1800, in the middle of beautiful cornfields, only 300 meters from the sea.

The studio is equipped with instruments and hardware collected during my long life with music.
Everything is designed and build solely by me – during a 3 month period i 2018. The studio is acoustic treated to a flat response and sounds amazing:)

My first production in DUBLAND STUDIO was the soundtrack for Sally’s Valley, like I’ve recorded my recent solo-album LUX there.
During covid-isolation, I have worked there on the scores for the plays; IDA and Don Quixote – and on my coming album NOX. (out in the beginning of 2120).

🎧 Ole


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